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The Divine Being

Note. This website is a copy of theosophiaistheway.com as of 08.26.2017

My purpose with presenting these truths herein comes from my love of truth and my dedication to Being. The paradigms on earth that define truth are those based on science and what man can define from their collection of data. Spiritual truths are not definable and fit no known scientific facts. Those who cling to science as their truth are not open to Higher Truths that cannot fit into any known law that science has defined.

Yet there is a science that is true that is understood through the Divine Mother. This science can be known to mankind only through the all-chemistry of the unfoldment within the heart of the true elements of Being. From that place of Being the sacred science of the ages is known. Without the Divine Mother, and her Wisdom bringing God-Reality through the plumb line of Truth, science can only base its truth on effects rather than causes.

Therefore, the first step to Divine Truth requires restoring the sacred science of the Divine Mother. Since the Fall of the Divine Feminine in woman, mankind have lost their connection to the Divine Polarity of Spirit-Matter whereby the Father can be known through the heart of the Mother. The cause that is the Ultimate Reality, the First Cause, is God. God individed Himself and became More. The Sacred Science of Being stopped More through the love of Being. This is illustrated through a line and a circle. A line (More) can continue forever, this is God in the beginning. It is the first thrust of Creation. The second thrust of Creation was to create space by creating a circle (through Being) thereby stopping More. More Being continues to create more circles expanding Creation beyond end.

The Creator God is Alpha and Omega. Alpha as More and God-Power and the Father principle of God. Omega, through Being and God-Harmony, brings the Mother principle of God. Together they form the Spirit-Matter flow of Creation.

The Power of God is synonymous with the Word. When the Word went forth the More thrust forth as Light and Fire. Thus our God is a consuming Fire. (Deut. 4:24) And that fire is Love. The Love of Alpha for Omega and Omega for Alpha is the Divine Love between Father-Mother God. Father loves Being through Mother and Mother loves being More through Father. Through that love the Son is born, the Word, the Light made manifest. Through the Power of Father the Mother Be-comes More and the Son is the synthesis of Power with More Being through the Mother. The Son is the Word made manifest through the Spirit of Fire, the Holy Spirit.

When Father pronounced "I AM", the Word went forth and the Mother responded, "I AM that 'I AM YOU' ". The Son knew he was I AM with the Power and Light of the More having the Being of Love. With the Father's Wisdom of the Mind of God and the Mother's Wisdom of Being, the Son knew the Wisdom of Judgment. The Son is a co-creator with God.

All of Creation comes from Father-Mother God. Father is Spirit and Mother is Matter. Father's Spirit enters Matter through the Son in form Being Wisdom through the Mother, because Mother is the active counterpart in the outer plane of time and space. Without Mother there would be no Matter. Without the Son, one with the Mother in Matter there would be no Spirit in Matter.

The Holy Spirit is the Light of Spirit through the body of Mother. The Divine Mother is the base for the Holy Spirit to flow through the body temple. The Son uses the Power of God to bring Righteous Judgment. Through that judgment he discerns that which is of God and that which is not of God.

The sons and daughters of God choose to enter the Matter plane where free will reigns to become More. For a time, time and a half time, the children of God can experiment using the Light of I AM under the laws of God. If they have not risen on the ascension spiral to win their immortal victory, but have squandered their light and created the not-self instead of moving towards oneness with their Higher Self, the sacred fire of God will consume all that is outside of Being. They will cease to exist and all will return to the sacred fire for repolarization with the Light.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matt. 6:33). Only those who acknowledge that the ‘I AM’ in me is the LORD have the real Truth of Being. Where I AM there God IS.







Holy Spirit