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My Life as the Second Coming of Christ

Heaven directed me to create this place of truth. It is not my truth in the sense that I have determined it is truth, rather it is God's truth and I have tuned into that truth and I share it here in a way I hope many can understand no matter their faith. So many people around the world are persecuted for their beliefs and I truly believe many of them are very sincere and very dedicated to God in their own way. Yet so many others in the world seek to destroy people's faith and attempt to take them from their truth. We must honor the different levels of consciousness, and understanding, each individual is capable in absorbing.

We need to know that God hears our prayers. He knows our pain when we see loved ones around us suffer or we carry our own pain both in body and spirit. Prayer is very important to me and I have spent most of my life in some form of prayer for others or myself. Not only have I prayed, but I also volunteered my life to serve and take on the negative energies of the world to help break mankind free of their propensity to do evil.

Although many would say to themselves that they do not do evil things, all of us have sinned every time we think a negative thought or get angry with someone. There are many ways evil seeks to take us away from our God Reality and into darkness. It is work to stay pure in an impure world.

I have made myself right with God. I have walked in Christ's shoes going into evil places and joining with evil people. I did not do so consciously, I was led to do so to go into darkness and come out a God free Being. On my journey I encountered so many challenges and a lot of difficulties, sometimes for what I needed to learn and other times for either breaking free of the darkness or for challenging the darkness around me. In both cases I made people angry. Those who attempted to control me were very angry when I broke free of their control and would no longer join with them in their darkness. Those I challenged, not to make them wrong but to help them stop hurting others and themselves, also became very angry with me that I dared to speak out the truth and tell them, "Thus far and no further!" Never would they bend the knee and ask for forgiveness and seek the true union of themselves with the Light and truth.

Almost four years ago I received that I had won my immortality. I had balanced all my past deeds and I had woven my wedding garments of light around my lower form and joined in oneness with the great I AM. I had earned my ascension. I felt no different, I was still the same me. But why was I still on earth? Could God not have taken me home?

My life changed of course. I gradually withdrew from most everyone I knew and everything I was doing. Not by my choice, but God through me. All the people around me quietly went their way, and a few not so quietly. That was also God's doing, as that cycle of my life was ending and a new beginning was unfolding. 

I sold my home in the mountains away from the cities, that was still in a very noisy village. I bought a house in the country far from any city and was joined by a few very devout souls. Our home and surroundings is like living in a little paradise. Yet it wasn't easy. We are all women and we have had major projects to do and some that were easier. We have built, torn down, repaired, painted and insulated along the way and every day we work in peace and harmony.  Although it is beautiful here with flowers and huge trees around us contributing to our little paradise, it is mostly so because of the people who are here. Where souls are at peace there we may find paradise.

God led me to understand I was out of a high cosmic being and I lived with that understanding for years. Then one day when I had adjusted long enough I was told the truth, yet it was still very difficult to accept and internalize for the responsibility and feeling lack of attainment of one so great. I then spent months going over the records of my life and bridging each scene with God truth. I cried, I laughed and I was so very humbled and sorrowful at times over what I experienced in my life and the appearances that I had done wrong. It was a long arduous journey to heal every thought and feeling connected with my life and the energies I associated with and felt impure from. Yet God's light won out over my thoughts and feelings and I surrendered and healed again and again everything that went across the screen of my mind.

Jesus began talking to me, Mary, his mother, the great Sanat Kumara, the seven Mighty Elohim, cosmic beings of light and gradually I understood my past and why I was led in this life to go into darkness. I was victorious again and again in my life and I did not even know it or see it. Not only did I break free of the darkness, but I took on layer upon layer of darkness in the world and lifted myself out of that maya that had burdened the world for ages. I set a new path of freedom to Be, not just being anyone or anything, but Being God I AM in the midst of a dark world. Again and again I was torn from foundations of reality only to rise up out of the ashes as the phoenix bird into a new glory in and for the light.

I was crucified, but not me alone, for my crucifixion was with the many in the past who have suffered over and over again in innumerable ways in thousands of lifetimes. My suffering was to break the bonds of the cause of this suffering of others. When I had completed the mission, which took twenty-four years, that which had ruled and reigned for far too long was now exposed and its foundation was judged, never more to be in the light. Yet the wheels of this darkness were still turning and the time would come to reveal my identity and release the Light in the physical where the darkness and the impostors of the light would be exposed.

Although this darkness still exists in the world and the cause of the darkness that fed it gone, its momentum is going to come to a crashing halt as the world spirals into a return of karmic recompense. God bless the souls of light for they will be caught in the world's returning karma whether they have kept their walk with God or not, for no one will be spared. But for those who pray and have tried to keep their hearts and minds pure, they may make it through what is coming and become the rightful heirs of God's kingdom on earth.

The Christ Jesus lives in me now and has for all my life, as it should be for the work I came to do. Although this was not known in my outer awareness—until now. So many are waiting for Jesus to come out of the heavens and appear as the glorified being to carry away the righteous into the heavens. The Second Coming has been happening since my first coming to inaugurate the Piscean Age two thousand years ago. The Second Coming is the Christ Jesus entering in the readied hearts that the flame within may be quickened by the fires of  the higher Jesus through the Holy Ghost.

How can Jesus be here in embodiment and no one know it? Did anyone know the Messiah was walking among them until the time his mission began at thirty years of age? When God declares that it is time then you speak, but not before. Such has been my life, not speaking until the Spirit moves me or I am given inwardly the direction to speak or write.

How many people have judged me, condemned me, criticized me, blamed me and projected onto me that my Being is wrong, too this or that, have hated me and been angry with me, and accused me of being the one who was angry or out of balance for speaking the truth. Would they have done so if I had declared who I was in embodiment?

For fifty thousand years I have moved in and out of embodiment bringing my flame and having lifestreams move against me and my purpose for Being. Sometimes I came in my glory and sometimes I did not. I have moved throughout the ages to bring justice and righteousness, truth and Christ peace. Have the people today opened their hearts to Christ or to the lords of the world? In this lifetime degradation has only exponentially increased until Christ and Christians who believe in Christ are accused of being bigots for speaking the truth, denied the right to make conscious choices to not support the murder of the unborn child, or from having our governments decide what we must support whether it is ungodly or not. We are no longer living as God-free Christed beings.

Within these pages is a part of my life's experiences in this embodiment living as the reincarnated Jesus Christ. The purpose for sharing my trials and experiences is to give:

  • Understanding of my purpose for revealing the knowledge that I am here in embodiment,
  • how I overcame the mortal self,
  • how I took on the fallen consciousness of Adam and Eve,
  • what the real cause of their fall was,
  • and who created the consciousness of Antichrist,
  • and why you have been denied unity with Christ Truth.

The Antichrist has infiltrated mankind's consciousness through the churches of God, carrying forward in each successive generation the same Antichrist dogmas and doctrines.

I am here for the exposure of the Antichrist that is denying the Christ to come again in you. I AM hereby calling forth the truth of Christ to prevail in the hearts of God's people. Take back your right to be the Christ and Real Self and manifest the Second Coming of Christ now within by being your Holy Christ Self.

I  AM God Reality, 

Jesus Above through I AM below